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Ethical Ingredients


Provenance is important to us not least because we want to make sure you aren’t putting any undue nasties in your body but also because we want to support the sustainability of our planet too.

  • All of our blends are therefore positively released for pesticide residues and are SALSA certified.
  • Our experienced tea blender personally visits all the plantations we source from to assure the working conditions are satisfactory or above average.
  • Our tea bags are made of biodegradable GMO-free corn starch

We are often asked if our teas are organic and this is will always be our response: as much as possible our ingredients are organic but we cannot claim that they are 100% organic. An organic certification is desirable but not always realistic, especially for some of our small farmers who quite simply cannot afford the costly application process required.



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Tea with a Twist
— Healthy Bites Magazine

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