Exciting New Partnership With Origins!

It has been brewing for a while but the time has finally come to reveal our secret partnership to you all . . .  Positivitea has paired up with the beautiful new skin care range by Origins – RitualiTea! 

Origins have enhanced the healing power of tea and created the perfect face masks to nourish yourself on the outside as well as the inside. Positivitea and RituliTea are the PERFECT detox combination!

RITUAL INSPIRED - The face masks are inspired by the ancient Japanese matcha tea ceremony and the ritual of taking time to enjoy a cup of tea. The name RitualiTea conveys that it’s time to relax and create your own multi-sensory retreat.

DIY – True customisation is achieved with the ability to blend yourself a lightweight application through to a luxurious cream. Just add water to the powder and let the power of tea transform your skin in just ten minutes (while sipping a cup of Positivitea of course!).  When you remove it with warm water you will feel an instant difference in your skin – Radiant Health.

-Choose Your Perfect Face Mask 

There are three different Origins RitualiTea face masks to choose from;

Matcha Madness - Matched with LOVE, our bestselling green tea with rose and jasmine and gingko biloba.  This tea partners perfectly with Matcha Madness – Matcha is a concentrated powder made from Green Tea. This helps your skin to feel revitalised and renewed.  

Feeling Rosy - Matched with CREATE, this is antioxidant-rich South African Rooibos Tea & Rose. Feel the rich, rosy aroma transport you. Helps your skin feel softer, smooth & rejuvenated.

Oolong La -Matched with THREE CHI CHAI An effervescent oasis of purification with antioxidant-rich Taiwanese Oolong BlackTea & Chai Spices. Feel the warm, spicy scent transport you. Helps you feel clean, clear & smooth.

Lola Hobbs