A Tea Party With . . . Madeleine Shaw

We caught up with health coach and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw to find out a little more about her tips and tricks to ‘Get The Glow’. With her second cookbook in the making, her own line of juices recently launched and a set of incredible supper clubs to host she is one busy lady, but this doesn’t stop her being full of the most incredible warmth and energy, truly glowing from the inside out.

In previous tea parties we’ve spoken about morning miracle routines and best bedtime rituals. What’s your mid-morning motivational tip for people suffering that late morning dip in energy? Do you have a favourite energising yoga pose?

I do yoga or get into the fresh air! I love backbends I find them super energising especially the wheel pose.

We love your recently launched smoothies with Savse! If you could only make one smoothie recipe for the rest of your life (we’re thinking Desert Island Discs here, not to be dramatic or anything) what would it be?

Avocado, lime, honey and coconut water! It’s literally the dream.

Your supper clubs and cooking classes have been a great success, bringing people together over good food. If you could choose any one person (alive, fictional or otherwise) to have a cup of tea with, who would you choose and why?

Marilyn Monroe.  She is such a goddess!