A Tea Party With . . . Scentered

Long-time aromatherapy advocate and serial entrepreneur Lara Morgan became fed up with attempts to travel with the leaking bottles and greasy, oil-based products on the market.  She knew there had to be a more practical solution! And so the seed for Scentered was planted. After joining forces with co-founder Fay and three years of product development later, their practical and stylish aromatherapy balms first launched in Space NK last year. Designed for convenience, they’re the perfect fit for even the busiest woman’s handbag.


Sat downstairs in the unusually quiet Mae Deli (Deliciously Ella's delightful healthy eating delicatessen) we met with Fay to find out more and discuss all things energy, healing and of course what it means to be feeling centred! 


While discussing how they finally developed their ingenious balms, Fay explains that they wanted to create a product range that worked in two ways. Firstly, as a range of highly effective and portable aromatherapy treatments (a spa treatment in your handbag!), and secondly as a mindfulness tool. They work to encourage and remind us to stop every so often and take a few moments for ourselves, time to reset our moods and renew positivity in our often busy and demanding lives. The mindfulness element, embodied in their 'Stop. Inhale. Reset.' mantra, lies at the heart of the brand.


Scentered is all about keeping calm and feeling centred wherever and whenever.  So we asked Fay for her top tips to stay cool calm and collected  when we find ourselves in life’s inevitable moments of stress and chaos. 


Get out into nature! I’ve just returned from a week in Germany where we did lots of nordic walking, and I grew up on a farm. I find spending time outdoors or with animals to be so grounding. I also love being by the water, especially by the sea, it’s incredibly healing. When that’s not possible, an Epsom salt bath is the next best thing! After all, to feel truly centred, we have to be happy in ourselves.

What’s your advice on self-love?

I love going to a yoga class when I can, but even 60 seconds of meditation can do the trick. I believe meditation is one of the most accessible and powerful tools available to us to improve our quality of life, and I know that I function so much better and can think more clearly when I meditate regularly. 

I’m a driven Type A personality, always juggling an ambitious to-do list, whilst trying to be a great mum, wife, friend and business leader. Learning to say no is something that I have had to work hard to master, but I believe is critical to achieving balance in these areas, and is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You only have a finite amount of energy so you have to prioritise. I do think women often have a tough role, but you have to be disciplined – unfortunately I don’t believe you can ‘have it all’, so you have to decide what really matters most to you. The last few years setting up the business have had their fair share of challenges, but I’ve loved it all the same. When you love your job, you’re not wasting energy fighting it. 

What keeps you feeling inspired when things get tough?


I am so inspired and touched by the emails we receive from people who’ve found our balms beneficial in some way, particularly from using the Stress Less and Sleep Well Therapy Balms. If we can put a smile on someone’s face or make life that little bit easier for just one person, we’ve achieved our ultimate goal. 

You seem like an incredibly positive person! What’s your advice on how to fall in love with life?


I think it’s important to have a positive mindset, and I really believe in the power of language and the use of affirmations, so understanding what sort of life you really want can be a powerful starting point. It’s important to recognise when things in your life are not working or mistakes have been made, and to not be afraid to put your hands up and admit that to yourself or others! Life can be challenging, but it’s these challenges that propel us forward. If ever my kids are having a hard time, I remind them that each day is a new start, an opportunity to learn and be a better version of themselves.

Kate Shaw