The Tea Party Three with Tony Wrighton – Live Life With Energy, Vitality & Purpose

I met Tony Wrighton at Yoga Connects Festival and soon after became a big fan of his podcast  ‘Zestology - Live Life With Energy, Vitality and Purpose.’   Tony’s fascination on the subject of energy comes from being struck down by chronic fatigue syndrome a few years ago when was he bed-bound for months before discovering alternative ways of recovering, namely yoga and EFT.   He now interviews experts from top cardiologists to philosophers to meditation gurus to yoga teachers with topics ranging from circadian rhythms to paleo diets to avocado cheesecakes (ok so the latter is just Tony experimenting in his kitchen but interesting nonetheless!) to dig deeper on what it means to have, sustain and generate energy.  He certainly seems to have boundless amounts himself (his books have been translated into 12 languages and he also manages a stellar career as a Sky Sports presenter) so I wanted to find out what puts the zest in this guy's Zestology . . .

The Tea Party Three

1.   In one of your podcasts you talk to NYT bestselling author Hal Elrod about his ‘Miracle Morning’ ­and how anyone can design their own Miracle Morning in order to capitalise on the potential of the coming day.  What does your Miracle Morning consist of?

I put my phone into airport mode overnight so I don’t wake up to distracting texts and emails.  There are a few ‘interesting’ drinks I have in the morning – Himalayan salt in water (it has 80 different minerals in it and there are only 100 minerals in the world) and green tea with coconut oil, juice (green with avocado and chia seeds probably).  I also write something down in a book, this helps me focus on my goals for the day. 

2. In many of the podcasts you talk about the importance of quality ‘down time’ or rest and recovery being essential for achieving optimum energy levels during ‘up time’.  What is the yin to your yang?

Yoga and lots of it.  Self hypnosis too – I’ve studied NLP and I use the Betty Erickson method which involves concentrating on three things you can hear followed by three things you can see and three things you can feel. This helps calm the mind much like meditation. I also make sure I have at least two hours off digital devices a day and am quite religious about that, sometimes I try for four.

3. You ask all your guests for one book that inspired them and one tip for energy and vitality – obviously I am not going to copy you (although they’re great questions) so how about your favourite yoga pose instead and the one person in the world you’d like to have a cup of tea with and why?

Pigeon pose – ‘It’s like a drink of water for the hips.’ (Apparently like a lot of men Mr Wrighton’s troublesome spot is tight hips so he was very proud of this description).

As for the person – Joshua Waitzkin – American child chess prodigy turned martial arts competitor who wrote a book called ‘The Art Of Learning’.  He gave up chess and applied the same learning techniques to Tai Chi, soon becoming an expert in the field.   Now he coaches top CEOs on achieving that extra 2%.  He is a top calibre high performance coach but he’s also very humble too so I think a cup of tea with him would be great.