A Tea Party with . . . Julie Montagu

They say that people are radiators or drains and if that’s the case I’m very lucky to have lots of the former and less of the latter in my life. One such radiator is Julie Montagu, aka ‘The Flexi Foodie’, with 30k followers on Instagram she’s not just a lady (literally, she is married to the future Earl of Sandwich) but she’s a lady with a lot of energy too. As she bundles into Tanya’s Café in Chelsea in her wet weather gear I am reminded of an excitable puppy.  But Julie doesn’t fake her excitability, she is full of a natural and unmistakable zest for life and that’s why I want to find what makes her tick and just where her enthusiasm and energy comes from. I was delighted when she agreed to answer the Tea Party Three and without further ado here’s what I found out:


1. There’s always a story behind everyone’s discovery of yoga, what’s yours?

My husband got sick six years ago and suddenly not only was I responsible for the welfare of my four children but also an ailing husband too. Of course I made sure I was there for them but in order to be entirely present in my capacity as a carer I needed to take time for myself and it was then that I discovered Bikram yoga. I did one of those 30 day challenges and sweated all my stuff out. I was immediately hooked and it wasn’t until a bit later that I discovered Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, which for me is the holy grail. I credit yoga with getting me through that period and now it’s become integral to my life.


2. If you had to choose one mantra to live by what would it be?

That’s easy (she shows me a silver bangle around her wrist with an engraving):

She needed a hero. So that’s what she became.’


3. In my last interview I asked Tony Wrighton about his Morning Miracle Routine that he employs to help him harvest the most energy possible for the day ahead. Do you have one? More importantly what is your Best Bedtime Ritual in order for you to get your best beauty sleep?


My Morning Miracle routine is simple – 5 Sun As and 5 Sun Bs (for the non yogis among us that means five A sun salutations and five B sun salutations, you may have to google) . As for my Best Bedtime Ritual, I lie on a Shakti mat with my legs up the wall and listen to some Deepak Chopra or a free yoga nidra lesson online. It’s that simple. I’ll also have a cup of your CONNECT tea (Chamomile, Lavender, Honeybush & Valerian) which is really calming and helps me achieve that really deep, restorative beauty sleep that we all need.


I feel really privileged to have got a little snippet of this lady’s life tips. Julie’s advice is simple and straightforward enough for anyone to follow. She also has lots of tips for eating well coming out in her next book – Eat Real Food – where she reveals her secret to health, happiness and unstoppable energy. She also advises how to get your five a day fix of one good fat, one leafy vegetable, one natural sweetener (for example dates), one whole grain and one superfood.

Jade Massoutier