Getting Wild at Wilderness

There’s nothing like turning your world upside down to put a fresh perspective on things!  Which is exactly what Wilderness did for me this weekend.  What more do you need in life than a board, some water, the sunshine and some beautiful souls to play with?  Jen from Pure Yoga Zone and myself hosted Wilderness‘s first official foray into paddle board yoga lessons this year and I’m pleased to report it was a roaring success.  We were overbooked and overlooked by so many revellers on the banks of the river who seemed to be mesmerised by the spectacle.  I don’t blame them, it really is wonderful to watch – there’s something about the combination of water and yoga that captivates the imagination.  For me it’s about mindfulness; you have to concentrate extra hard to pull off these positions, if you lose your concentration for just one second you’re off the board. There are not many activities in my life that require as much focus as this and I think that’s why I find it so relaxing as well as challenging at the same time.  It’s also about pushing yourself, your core has to be doubly engaged to keep your balance and so after two days and eight lessons I certainly feel much stronger in body and mind.  Of course being out in nature and surrounded by the fairy tale wonder and whimsy that is Wilderness also helps  . . . I needed this weekend to let off some steam so thank you Wild Wellbeing for having us, we’ll be back next year I promise we’ll make it even WILDER!

Jade Massoutier