Yoga Connects Festival 1st - 3rd July 2015

Positivitea was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the first ever Yoga Connects festival at Stanford House near Rugby in Warwickshire last weekend.  The beautiful weather, stunning surroundings and incredible energy of everyone there meant it really lived up to its strap line ‘Where The Magic Happens.’  Below is a day to day account of the incredible event.  Can’t wait to connect again next year!

First day at Yoga Connects festival – limited wifi (what a joy to be digitally unconnected and to actually connect with real people instead) so day 2 and 3 to follow tomorrow.  So magical, a gathering of such high vibrating and like-minded people was bound to cause all sorts of craziness and the whimsical, playful landscape only served to enhance the fantasy. There were people practising acro yoga everywhere you looked, dreamcatchers swinging in the breeze, abundant nature, delicious healthy food (like mouthwatering vegan cupcakes by @roxyraracakes) and incredible classes on offer taught by some of the best yoga teachers in the world.  Thanks to my wonderful helpers Anna & Laurie I was able to do an energising jivamuktu class with Amy Macdonald and then an extraordinary shamanic yoga class with the beautiful couple Felix & Di, which included running around the stately home’s gardens connecting with our inner child doing cartwheels and roly polys and then a guided meditation into space, beyond our galaxy and back again. Wow.  Can’t quite find the words to adequately describe it, it must be experienced!  Also met some incredible people and physically felt my heart expanding to encompass all the new beautiful souls I connected with.

Day 2 Yoga Connects Festival  Forrest yoga with  @aoifekaneyoga in the ballroom (thanks for inspiring a few personal breakthroughs ) and then my first experience of the MARVEL and the WONDER that is @meghancurrieyoga … words can’t express, yoga crush, this girl  CAN! Heart-expanding and mind-opening, not sure I will ever be the same again. Used the high vibrations to please the crowd with a chakra tea lucky dip! Connected and was interviewed by great people and happiness warriors like @tonywrighton and @healthylivinglondonThe day ended on a high too with a neon yoga rave with @9livesyoga … wasn’t convinced at first but with the happy energy of everyone around you all your inhibitions fly out the tent. Finished with amazing partner meditation/thaimassage and a personalised neon quote … what a great end to another magical day.

Final day of the festival finished on a high with another Meghan Currie heart-opening extravaganza (aptly named The Constant Orgasm), a little tea and cake party and a light shower – see the true yogi embracing nature and sitting happily out in the rain. Thank you @yogaconnectsuk for an enlightening weekend, transformational even!

Jade Massoutier