Gluten Free Crescent Moon Gingerbread Biscuits Made With ACHIEVE Tea

I know Christmas is over but there are still three days left before the big January detox so it’s time to get baking! Check out my Gluten Free Crescent Moon Gingerbread Biscuits made with @positivitealdn ACHIEVE tea – Yerba Mate, Lemongrass & Ginger … yum! Crescent Moon (anjaneyasana) strengthens the thighs and is actually a heart opening posture but since the third and fourth chakras are intrinsically linked it’s a great way to help get the fire started in 2015, year of setting and achieving goals and dreams! I’m starting my solar plexus list tomorrow … with a cup of ACHIEVE and a gingerbread biscuit within reach of course! #core #solarplexuschakra #2015 #achieve #goals #dreams #visions #tea #glutenfree #gingerbreadFor instructions on how to achieve the perfect Crescent Moon see this helpful article:

Jade Massoutier