Positivitea @The Palace . . . WOW What A Week!

This week has been extraordinary from start to finish, as you can see from the eclectic assortment of pictures below.  London has fast become my ‘virtual office’ and as such I am privileged to be able to travel all around it for various interesting meetings.  This week was no exception, I started off at The Power Yoga Company in Fulham – whom I’m delighted to say will be our newest stockists and where I’ll be doing a tea tasting on Monday 2nd – then moved to Juice Tonic in Soho (which offers the most fabulous apothecary of juices I’ve ever seen) and finished with tea at Buckingham Palace!  More on that later but first I want to explain the rather futuristic-looking device below; it’s called a Bio Photonic Scanner and here is some information on it if you’re interested. It basically measures the levels of antioxidants in the skin (based on your behaviour in the last six weeks) and I have to admit I was a little nervous when my friend and health food guru Guy tested me with it – I know I’m fairly healthy diet-wise but you never know what kind of naughtiness these things can detect!  I’m delighted to say that I got a score of 52,000, which won’t mean much to you but apparently means I am in the top 1% in the world!  So I went away quite smug with myself – guess all those matcha tea lattes and kale-based smoothies have paid off. 

On Wednesday I had prosecco and packing party with Gabriella, my new marketing and pr assistant, where we filled 500 little organza bags with an assortment of tea bags.  I’m calling these our ‘Pillow Tea Treats’ as they’re specifically aimed at yoga/wellness retreats to put on the guests’ pillows – like little bags of love.  Friday morning saw me head to the Good Life Eatery with my yoga buddies from Yoga Point to indulge in a brunch of loveliness . . . this really is healthy food at its best, delicious, unusual and nutritious!  I had an acai bowl as below with granola, bananas and blueberries.  It was heaven in a bowl! I would really recommend this place if you have a chance to go, it should be easier to find delicious healthy food so I am pleased to hear they’re going to open up more in the future.

The week ended on a high with tea at the palace (well ok, not quite ‘at’ the palace but in St James’s park on a bench, but with somebody who works at the palace!), the ins and outs of which I can’t divulge quite yet as it’s top secret but hopefully soon!  Exciting stuff though so stay posted to find out more . . .

Tea I’ve mostly been drinking this week: LOVE (Green Tea, Rose & Jasmine) . . . it is still the month of love after all!

Best ‘virtual office’ (aka cafe)  of the week:  Juice Tonic, Soho

Favourite quote of the week: ‘Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people.’ – Unknown

Jade Massoutier