Sebastien Foucan Talk @The Barley MOW Centre, Chiswick

On Wednesday 28th January we were fortunate enough to be invited to an inspiring night with Sebastien Foucan, aka founder of freerunning and also Bond villain (remember that opening scene with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale?!) … and probably one of the most energetic, bubbly and positive people I have ever met! He spoke about the people that have inspired him in his life (Bruce Lee and Ghandi to name but two), facing your fears (he has acrophobia), the importance of relearning to be like a child again (including falling over and hurting yourself) and his own personal mantras – commitment, passion and effort.  He was engaging, charismatic and friendly … and he liked the tea too! Thanks @SebastienFoucan, @SuperSaturday and @KirstenCanTalk. Great to see you @pipandnut and @sweatybetty #inspire #sebastienfoucan #positive #energy #brucelee #ghandi #faceyourfears

Jade Massoutier