Stance Yoga Retreat In Gloucestershire – Chakra Flow Plus POSITIVITEA!

This weekend my lovely teacher Helena Markovic of Stance Yoga ( hosted a heavenly retreat of meditation, yoga nidra, vinyasa flow, yoni shakti meditation and chakra-inspired flow, which included the following poses:

Root – Seated Twist

Sacral – Cat/Cow

Solar Plexus – Paschimonttanasana hugging the knees (for introspection, to ease the ego)

Heart – Opening the arms wide and then curling back in

Throat – Plough pose (Halasana)

Third Eye – Fish pose (Matsayasana)

Crown – Meditation in Lotus

Of course this delightful sequence was swiftly followed by a tea tasting a la Positivitea London!  Combining a flow session with the tea tasting afterwards went down really well as it helped those who didn’t know anything about the chakras to get a bit of insight into them on a physical/energetic level before gaining deeper knowledge from a healing perspective through the tea.  Everyone was engrossed!  I was reminded of how much of a privilege it is to pass on the bit of knowledge I have about such a powerful and transformational healing system and the reward I got was the attention and enthusiasm of a lovely bunch of yogis who were very generous in their praise for Positivitea.

Helena was a warm and empathetic host who weaved a little magic into every moment of the day, from teaching us simple visualisation techniques to cooking delicious healthy food and imparting fascinating tidbits on the origin and philosophy of our beloved practice of yoga.  A great success – thanks Helena! 

Jade Massoutier