YAS LA Style

This is YAS . . . aka Yoga And Spinning.  I’m sure it will be across the pond in the blink of an eye as it’s the perfect combination of low impact cardio and muscle lengthening and strengthening yoga.  Not to mention you feel bloomin’ great after!

Defined as ‘A hybrid fitness movement combining Yoga and indoor cycling, YAS is for people who value their health, fitness and time. A smart combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and alignment, YAS is a succinct and balanced solution to all your fitness needs.’, there are four locations in LA so far with plans for expansion/franchise across the USA.  If you want to know more read about it here http://go2yas.com/ . . . or just wait a little and experience it for yourself in a city near you.

Personally I’m not a big cardio fan but I found the half hour spin plus half hour yoga session to be just about the right amount of time in terms of sweat v stretch, i.e I survived. In fact I think I might just have found myself a new hobby and so will be heading back to this studio in Silverlake next Tuesday to get my sweat back on! 

Jade Massoutier