Ibiza Yoga Chakra Retreat August 2016 - Positivitea and Liz Jacobs Yoga


When Liz and I sat down to design a yoga retreat with a difference six months ago we had no idea we were about to manifest something magical.  But magical it was and this is I think why; intention is everything.  For anyone who has ever read The Power Of Intention by Wayne Dyer you'll know what I'm talking about (or indeed any book labelled under the genre 'Law Of Attraction', of which there are now hundreds, proving categorically that we are in control of our own life experience) but simply put, Liz and I wanted to create a yoga retreat that was unique, that transcended boundaries, that gave our guests a shift in perspective and the tools to help them cope with said shift physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We also wanted to create a wonderful space for them to breathe, get out of their minds and into their bodies, to laugh and connect with themselves and others.  I can wholeheartedly say we succeeded in our intention and the proof in the pudding is that many of them have already rebooked for next year because they enjoyed the experience so much. 


At the core of this success was our decision to focus the entire retreat on the chakras, using them as a backbone from which to weave the tapestry of each day, whether it be the food, the tea or the daily life lessons taught by our very own yoga guru Liz.   There were earthy mushroom stews for the root chakra, lacuma and maca popcorn to energise the solar plexus chakra and make us feel lighter than air and avocado ceviche for the heart chakra, providing an abundance of omegas for a healthy heart.  In terms of iced tea there was green tea, rose, jasmine, apple and cucumber for the heart chakra,  yerba mate lemongrass and ginger with dandelion with fresh grapefruit and ginger for the solar plexus chakra and the all time favourite Iced Three Chi Chai with cocoa, chilli and ginseng with coconut milk (all recipes to follow on blog).  This gastronomic chakra smorgasbord was created by the wonderful naturopath chef Kimberley Parsons, an inspiring and enigmatic business lady with a spiritual twist, buy her fabulous book entitled The Yoga Kitchen with all these tantalising recipes here


We also fell on our feet (or perhaps we attracted it?!) with the location; Casa Corazon (which means heart in Spanish) has a quiet beauty, a rustic finca in the middle of nowhere which has been used for decades as a healing centre holding silent retreats and women's gatherings.  As a destination it exceeded expectations and provided the sanctuary we all needed for respite from our busy worlds and lives.  Every day there were two hours of yoga to get the juices flowing (more chaturangas, really?!) taught by Liz – interview to follow shortly on the blog but needless to say this woman is warrior of the spirit who was born to teach yoga and inspire change in people – followed by a mouthwatering brunch, optional beach trips, afternoon iced tea, inversions by the pool, a chakra talk and then a soothing session of yin to finish off the day.  On the full moon we made a special trip to Es Vedra, the third most magnetic pole on the planet where compasses don't work and birds get lost, where we absorbed its phenomenal energy sitting on a cliff mediating and manifesting our deepest desires.  On Friday there was a special treat of a crystal bowl bath and Saturday saw us eating at local trendy restaurant  to celebrate all the hard work we'd done that week – there had been tears as well as laughter as emotional and physical blockages had been broken down but also firm friendships formed and conscious shifts in perspective made.  A yoga retreat is not just holistic heaven, it's hard work too!


But what really made the retreat so magical was the people, I've never met such a bunch of dedicated, inspiring and enthusiastic souls in my life and can honestly say that it was their abundant energy that made the first Positivitea retreat such a success and a week never to be forgotten.  And of course there is Liz – words cannot describe this wonderful woman whose devotion to her yogic path emanates from her very pores and who makes everyone she touches feels transformed in mind, body and soul.


We can't wait to do it all again – book quickly before it all fills up!  ellie@positivitea.london

"I'm not necessarily a retreaty-kind-of-guy, but maybe I am now.  I've left with lots of insights, lots to explore, and an unshakeable confidence in my ability to survive a 3 hour rocket class and not even ache afterwards.  It was truly 'a retreat' from day to day life.  How awesome. Thank you again.  Tony."