Planet Not Plastic - The Great Glass Makeover


It's February and people have been busy giving up all kinds of things for lent, but at Positivitea we want to give up something not just for forty days and forty nights, we want to give up plastic FOR GOOD.   And here's why . . . 

No one can deny that we’re currently experiencing nothing short of a plastic apocalypse – there are plastic islands in the sea, pieces of plastic have been found seven miles deep in the ocean where even living creatures can’t survive and one particularly shocking statistic says that there will be more plastic in the sea by 2050 than there will be fish.

Plastic is bad for the environment, there's no doubt about that.  But it’s also bad for our bodies. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it enters our food chain (a process called bioaccumulation) and can cause cancer, diabetes and and even disrupt our hormones.  So it's bad for the environment AND our health, need we say more?

So we’re in a less-than-fantastic plastic situation but let’s not dwell entirely on the negatives.   Instead let’s focus on what can actually be done to avert a fish-free future.

Several significant steps have already been taken by the powers that be to minimise the impact our daily habits are having contributing to the plastic problem,. Microbeads (small plastic particles found in toiletries that are indigestible by fish) have now been banned, a 25p levy on plastic coffee cups will soon be enforced by the government and Teresa May has even mentioned ‘plastic free shopping aisles’ in the government’s 25 year environmental plan focusing on the crackdown on the amount of plastic thrown away.

Even The Queen is going green having been inspired by episodes of Blue Planet and has banned all plastic straws and bottles from Royal Estates.  Way to go Queeny!

These are small steps by big organisations and influential people but it’s on the personal level that we’re really going to make a positive impact.  By changing our actions, we can make a big difference – using reusable cups is an obvious one as is taking your own bags to the supermarket.  But how about also changing your mindset about the way you consume liquids in general and make a permanent switch from plastic to glass, which is far less damaging to your health anyway. Glass's lack of chemical properties is one of the biggest reasons scientific lab equipment is made of glass. Plastic on the other hand leaches harmful chemicals into the liquids stored in it.  And if that’s not enough to convince you then the fact that glass bottles can be endlessly recycled back into glass bottles should be.

It’s time to banish plastic forever and give the planet a great big glass makeover – which is why we couldn’t be prouder to introduce our new Eco-Friendly Positivitea Glass Tea Infuser Flask. Enjoy!




Ellie Wharton