Chakra-Balancing Crystal Bundle

Chakra-Balancing Crystal Bundle

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  1. Keep Calm And Hold On To Your Crystals

We’re not surprised Crystal Healing is all the rage, we’ve been absorbing their mystical powers for a long time and now you can too with your very own Chakra-Balancing Crystal Bundle

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What’s The Science?

 Crystals are amongst the most stable matter in the universe and maintain such a constant vibrational frequency over millions of years that when you come into contact with them your own frequency becomes synchronised. Your body and mind will harmonise to a crystal’s specific rhythm and they will promote inner healing according to their particular properties.

What’s In My Bundle?

Red Garnet – Bringer of Energy, Self-Esteem & Motivatition

Red Garnet strengthens the ROOT CHAKRA

Orange Calcite – Bringer Of Creativity, Strength & Sexuality

Orange Calcite strengthens the SACRAL CHAKRA.

Citrine – Bringer of Energy, Will Power & Prosperity

Citrine strengthens the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

Emerald – Bringer Of Balance, Compassion & Universal Love

Emerald strengthens the HEART CHAKRA.

Lapis Lazuli – Bringer Of Insight, Truth & Self-Confidence

Lapis Lazuli strengthens the THROAT CHAKRA

Amethyst – Bringer Of Inner Peace, Protection & Intuition

Amethyst strengthens the THIRD EYE CHAKRA

Lepidolite – Bringer Of Calm, Release & Positivity

Lepidolite strengthens the CROWN CHAKRA.

Your bundle also includes a booklet explaining how to clean and charge your crystals, more properties of your seven crystals and a brief history of Mother Earth’s beautiful gems.

N.B Crystals vary in size and shape due to their natural formations


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The perfect accompaniment to the Positivitea chakra set for the complete balancing gift.